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Turning Bids into Profits with Precision PPC – Google Ads Success, Tailored to Your Business Goals

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a massive part of many businesses’ marketing efforts, garnering them many new and highly targeted site visitors. PPC must be done correctly though, otherwise it can be a black hole, with money disappearing, never to be seen again.

I have been working as a PPC Consultant in the world of pay per click advertising for many years, using PPC to gain impressive increases in targeted traffic.

The result?

A client with more customers than before, due to an effective PPC campaign generating far more revenue than it costs. That’s really my overall goal for any PPC campaign:

Keep costs down and maximise the amount of incoming money.

I’m always happy to chat about PPC with anyone, so why not give me a call today and see how my PPC knowledge can help your business to thrive? Alternatively, if you live in Essex, I’d be happy to meet for a cup of coffee and a detailed discussion on how PPC can work for your business.

What is PPC Advertising?

So, the number one question I’m asked is this: what is PPC?

Many people don’t quite understand how it works, and this prevents them from going any further with PPC services – something that sees them spurning the chance to significantly increase their client numbers without having to do any major marketing work at all.

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, and it’s exactly as it sounds. Your advert is displayed on your advertising medium, and you then pay a fee when someone clicks on the advert and navigates to your site.

Even if only a fraction of visitors convert into customers, you could see your PPC campaign turning a profit; a positive return in your investment (ROI).

Your listing won’t be hidden in amongst other search results either, but will stand out proudly, taking pride of place in prominent positions.

For example, if advertising on Google, which is the most popular choice, your listing can appear at the top of the page, so it’s the first thing people see after they’ve searched for a keyword.

It should be noted that there are no contracts for PPC campaigns, making them exceptionally flexible. Just drop me a message and I can increase or decrease your advertising budget with just a few clicks. Changes are then applied instantly.

Hopefully that answers the question of what PPC is. If you have any questions though, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or drop me an email. I’m always happy to spend some time explaining the PPC process and how it can help nearly all online businesses.

How Can PPC Help You?

Many people are put off using PPC, as they simply don’t understand how to make best use of it and how to keep costs down.

This doesn’t need to be an issue when you work with a freelance PPC consultant though. I’ll keep your costs at a level defined by you, as well as ensure your PPC campaign is as effective as possible.

But what are some of the benefits of using an effective PPC campaign management service? I’ve come up with five big ones below…

  • Boost website visits. The number one advantage is simple to point out: PPC advertising will boost the number of visits you get to your website. The increase in traffic will depend on how much your budget for PPC is.
  • Increase sales and enquiries. With more visitors, you should be able to boost the number of sales and enquiries. Of course, how successful this will be also depends on your landing page, as well as other important factors.
  • Increase brand recognition. Not everyone will click on your advert when they search, however there’s a good chance that they’ll see your business name. This will help to boost your brand.
  • Reach the right people. Some forms of advertising can be hit and miss, as they target everyone. With PPC though, your adverts will only be displayed to those interested in what you have to offer.
  • Easily understand your success. PPC is a topic that can generate a lot of stats. Many people love this, because these stats give them concrete proof that their PPC is working. The stats can also be used to tweak your campaign for better results.

How I Structure a PPC Campaign

Many people think that PPC is simple, believing you just create an advert and then watch as new customers flock to your site, driving your sales through the roof.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

Instead, PPC is a complex process that needs to be handled properly by an experienced Pay Per Click expert for maximum results.

So how exactly do I go about structuring a successful PPC campaign for my clients?

Well, I use a five-step process, with each step designed to enhance the effectiveness of your paid advertising efforts.

Research and Analysis

Everything starts with thorough research and analysis. Don’t think I’m delaying your adverts from going live, as I’m just making sure everything is set up correctly, in order to provide the best possible results from the start.

I’ll take a look through any existing campaigns you already have and identify both their strengths and weaknesses.

I’ll also research your competitors, to see what they’re doing and whether you can do it even better.

Another important step in the process is to see where PPC will work best for you. For most, the answer is Google Ads, but there are also a number of other options too.

Once I have finished this step of the process, we’ll have a clear plan in place for your PPC campaign. I can then start on another vital step: the keyword research.

Selection of Keywords

Keyword research is the process of discovering which keywords your potential clients are typing in when looking for a product or service. It’s not just any searchers we want to be visible to though.

Instead, we only want your adverts to be displayed to those likely to convert into customers. This is something I can help with through comprehensive keyword research.

The keyword research phase is complex, however I have a number of industry-leading tools at my disposal. These will help me identify the very best keywords for your campaign, as well as weed out the keywords that simply wouldn’t convert.

Once I’m finished, I’ll have a list of great keywords. I can then target the adverts at those searching for those keywords.

This is an ongoing job, so I’ll always be looking for new keywords, constantly tweaking the campaign for the best possible results.

Creation of Ads

I then move onto the creation of your ads – another very important step that must be done correctly. I will create a number of different adverts, with different ones being shown to different searchers, depending on the search query they use.

The PPC adverts I create will be designed using tried and tested methods, which are proven to encourage clicks and therefore send more traffic to your site.

They will also be professionally written, to make sure the first impression people get of your business is just right.

I won’t just create some Bing or Google ads and then leave them. Instead, I’ll constantly test them against each other and then refine them to make them even better.

The result will be a set of adverts that really appeal to those who might be interested in your goods or services.

Optimisation of Landing Pages

It’s no good having perfect PPC adverts if your landing page isn’t perfect as well. I can help with this though, by creating bespoke landing pages for different adverts, which are designed to have the maximum impact and encourage visitors to your site to get in touch or make a purchase.

This service is extra to the PPC service, however I can assure you that creating a bespoke landing page really will boost the sales you make.

If you’d like to find out more about landing pages, please call or message me and I’ll explain them to you further.

Performance Reporting

Finally, I’ll ensure that regular reports are created, so that the entire process is transparent, allowing you to see evidence of how well your PPC campaign is working.

You can then use these figures to see if increasing your PPC budget is worthwhile.

I will also use these reports to help plan the next steps to your PPC campaign.

Every PPC campaign is constantly evolving, and I can use the reports to identify stronger and weaker keywords, as well as to see how well each advert and landing page is performing.

Why Work with Me for Your PPC Campaign?

I’ve been working in the world of performance marketing (SEO, Pay Per Click Services etc) for nearly 10 years now, and in that time I’ve developed a number of expert skills – skills which I use to help every single client, regardless of their business and regardless of their budget.

Also, I’m a real person, as opposed to a large PPC agency / consultancy. This means that you’ll always have the same point of contact, plus I’m not under any pressure or time restraints, allowing me to dedicate a good portion of my time to helping your business grow.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I’ve had real success in boosting clients’ businesses via PPC. You just have to check out my testimonials to see that I can deliver great results, regardless of your business niche.


Google Ads is Google’s paid advertising system. Those who sign up and use the service will be able to create custom adverts that appear in search engine results for specific search terms. The ads will be displayed in prominent positions when results for their search query are displayed.

You won’t have to pay when people simply see the advert. Instead, you’ll pay when someone clicks on the advert. The price you pay per click varies depending on how competitive the keyword is. It is possible to set a spending limit to ensure you never massively exceed your budget.

This really depends on how much you have to spend. Some companies only spend £200 a month on PPC advertising, while large companies can spend tens of thousands a month, or even more.

We can discuss your budget before the campaign starts and set limits to ensure you don’t end up spending more money than you can afford.

Many people and businesses will start out by spending just a small amount of money on PPC, just to see if it works well.

They’ll then increase their spend when they have seen evidence of how well PPC marketing works for them.

This really depends on how well your PPC campaign is managed. On average though, you should expect around 2% of people seeing your advert to click on it.

It’s then a case of converting the visitor into a customer once they’re on your site. I can help you boost conversions by creating a bespoke landing page for those clicking on your PPC advert.

When talking about PPC, the vast majority of people are referring to advertising on Google, as Google is the largest platform.

There are other options open to you though, such as Bing, Facebook and Instagram. I’ll be able to work with you to find the best platform for your PPC marketing campaign.

One of the best things about PPC is this: as soon as your adverts are activated, they will start being displayed to potential customers.

This means that there’s no waiting for results, as is the case with SEO – you should start receiving more customers almost straightaway.

Of course, I will optimise the adverts over time, which will lead to even better results.

The primary reason for not converting visitors into sales is an ineffective landing page.

If the page people land on isn’t optimised perfectly to convert them into paying customers, you’ll be wasting much of the money you’re spending on PPC.

Contact me to see how I can improve your landing page and boost your conversion rate.

Yes, you can. It is possible to turn off PPC adverts almost instantly, which gives peace of mind to many people thinking of using the service to advertise their business.

To cancel or pause your PPC campaign, just message me and I’ll get it done straightaway.

I would advise giving PPC at least a couple of months to prove its worth though, as this will allow me to test different adverts and decide which work best for your business. It will also allow me to refine keyword research, to make sure you’re targeting only those people with the highest chance of converting into paying customers.

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