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Freelance SEO Consultant
SEO Expert in Essex, UK & Beyond

Results-Driven Marketing Strategies for Startups & Small Businesses

Want to boost your search ranking and drive targeted traffic all without paying for high agency fees?

I’m a Leigh-on-Sea based experienced freelance SEO consultant and digital marketer, and I provide fast and affordable online consulting and digital marketing services to startups, micro, small and medium sized businesses.

Why You Should Hire a Freelance SEO Consultant

When you hire an agency, you’re paying for all the overheads, fancy offices and staff holidays, and that all adds up. According to this survey, the average hourly charge out rate for independently-owned marketing agencies in the UK is £86 per hour. You won’t have to pay for any of that with a freelance digital marketing consultant like me, so every pound you spend goes directly towards boosting your SEO.

My clients rocket to the top of the search results, and the targeted traffic this generates dramatically increases your brand awareness.

When your website appears in the search results, qualified leads go up. All traffic is not made equal, and my focus is always on directing targeted traffic to your store that is more likely to convert.

I won’t charge you for long, unnecessary meetings. With a few smart fixes, I can often boost your traffic considerably in no time at all.

My extensive experience as freelance SEO expert across industries means you will get results no matter what your niche – fast.

I work fast to make sure your site starts ranking fast. The sooner you start ranking, the sooner you’ll start driving targeted traffic to your site to convert into leads and sales.

As a local, UK SEO consultant without a large team, I’m flexible to your needs. Want to get started straight away? That’s fine, just fill in the form and tell me when to contact you.

Search Engine Optimisation in Essex, UK & Beyond

SEO and More for SMEs

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Paid Advertising (Google + Bing Ads)
  • Coaching & Digital Consultancy
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
  • SEO Disaster and Penalty Recovery
  • SEO Training (1:1 & Group)
  • Website/SEO Audits

Why Work With Me?

  • 8+ Years Experience
  • Google & Bing Ads Certified
  • Google Analytics Certified
  • Jargon-Free Consultation
  • Under Promise + Over Deliver

What My Clients Say

George is a real professional when it comes to SEO. Search engine optimization is not just about writing a blog post it’s much more technical and complicated than that. George can definitely help you get your website on the right track and grow your business. SEO is a long term game but about 3-4 months after we started working together I started getting more visitors on my website through relevant keywords and inquiries and work as a result. George is always there to help and does more than what you would expect from him. He taught me how to move on and keep on working alone too. I tried to work and improve the SEO of my website alone without real knowledge for far too long, I should’ve worked with a professional like George way before.
Julian Gyula Zacsfalvi
Julian Gyula Z.
I have worked with George for over a year now and the service he provides has been excellent.George has really helped me get the website listed higher in the search engines but most importantly get found by my target audience.He has additionally helped me with the Google Ads campaign – reducing CPA and increasing the number of qualified leads.I would definitely recommend him to any business wanting to strategically invest in their online presence.
Alexandros Alex
Alexandros A.
George is more than a SEO marketeer for our business. The way he works is completely transparent, his communication skills are way above anyone else we have contacted and/or worked with so far and I can safely admit that he is more or less a necessary ASSET to our marketing plan that works alongside our other parts of the business. It’s really hard to sum up into a review the benefits he has given to our business because he is really tireless and will deliver much more than you might think when you first work with him. We have given him the space and the freedom he requires for the job we agreed that was needed to be done and so far the results have been more than just “good”. Being an “SEO EXPERT” or however anybody want to call themselves these days, is not an easy job; and with all the Seo “agencies” around trying to get you to pay enormous amounts of money just to get your online store/business getting hit by a ban/penalty by the search engines it’s something that one really needs to invest in, in order to achieve growth. George, is this very investment we have done so far and intend to keep for our business. A true, kind and full of results ( good ones of course ) seo marketer.
Bill Sexopolis
Bill S.
George is an asset to any business trying to improve traffic and conversions. His advice on anything SEO or digital marketing is always spot on and actually applicable to real growth NOT just theory. If you want to increase your traffic and conversions I can strongly recommend George. Communication is always great, he’ll tell you exactly what needs to be done, unlike most agencies or SEO people I’ve worked with and most of all he gets huge results.
Leighton Herdson
Leighton H.
George has delivered an affordable and professional service from day one. He immediately identified the issues with our website that was holding back our rankings (which 2 previous companies had failed to do). The results have been very impressive ever since. Can’t speak highly enough of him!
Stavros Kirkiris
Stavros K.
Booking the SEO training session with George was one of the best investments I have made over the past twelve months. The knowledge and skills I gained are invaluable and were communicated in an engaging and easy way to understand. No technical jargon, just effective tools and processes explained simply. Highly recommended!
Elpida Lamprou
Elpida L.
After struggling to get my head around all the SEO jargon, I came across George, and am so glad I did. The 1-1 training was practical, understandable and tailored-made to my business needs. I have no hesitation in recommending George, you will not be disappointed.
Panagiotis Rinos
Panagiotis R.
With great attention to detail, George initially sorted out various issues with our hosting and website’s performance. He later on focused on setting up an SEO campaign. The results I have seen are excellent and there has been consistent progress. George is always professional, friendly and really easy to work with. He responds to our requests almost instantly. I would definitely be recommending George to business partners and friends.
Sofia Petikidi
Sofia P.
Quite simply awesome! George has been very helpful with lots of SEO advice. Highly recommended.
Spyros Poulis
Spyros P.
George has done a great job in designing my website from scratch, i will be using him again in the near future for my next website ,would highly recommend his service.
Daniel Lowe
Daniel L.
George’s impact has been staggering. His ability to plan effective, time-sensitive search marketing strategies has transformed our ROI
Jewel Stephen
Jewel S.
I cannot recommend George enough, he offers an incredible service, and I’m so pleased with how my wedding photography website turned out.George was patient and accommodating and nothing was too much trouble. The attention to detail is incredible,he’s also a really nice guy.I have been reaping the rewards ever since. Highly, highly recommended
lee waymont
lee W.

Why Your Essex Business Needs SEO Services

The journey begins in a search engine

When your target customers look for the products and services you provide, the journey nearly always begins in a search engine. You need to ensure it’s your business they find rather than your competition.

Not just any visitors, but valuable leads

My SEO services focus not only on getting your website to show up in the search engines, but also driving targeted visitors to your site so they are more likely to turn into valuable leads.

Don’t be invisible on the internet

Get in front of the people who are looking for your products and services at the precise moment they are searching. I’ll get your site ranking fast so you can drive traffic, leads and sales.

Here’s What I Can Do to Get Results for Your Business


I will identify the demographic characteristics of consumers who will benefit from the products or services you offer.


I will carefully design a digital marketing strategy to build a highly converting web presence and target your ideal customers.


I will set up an effective sales funnel to nurture your prospects and convert them into qualified leads and paying clients, while defining and refining your sales cycle.


I will increase your overall online visibility by combining the most effective marketing channels in your niche (SEO, PPC, Social, Inbound Marketing).

Ready to Boost Your Sales?