WPX Hosting Review [2020]

My Experience with a Super-fast Managed WordPress Hosting

WPX Hosting Review | Super-fast Managed WordPress Hosting

Whether you’re a managed WordPress veteran or totally new to web hosting companies, you’ll be mesmerized by how fast your WordPress site loads at first.

However, based on my long journey with WordPress hosting, services like WP Engine have always offered me less than expected—I’m talking here about unreliable web security and site migrations.

It didn’t take long until I realised my website was stuck on the “Hedonic Treadmill” of the subpar loading times and the questionable carelessness of the hosting support.

Putting an end to this agony, WPX was the web host I resorted to at the end of the day.

In this WPX hosting review, we’ll delve into how WPX outshines other services in the arena of managed WordPress hosting.

Initial Thoughts: A Trailblazer in WordPress Hosting?

Let’s not talk technical – I think it’d be better to share my first impressions about WPX Hosting before we jump into a review about its posture as a web hosting provider among its peers.

WPX Hosting (previously Traffic Planet Hosting) is a cutting-edge managed WordPress hosting provider offering reasonable plans to power your website.

At first glance, when you visit the WPX website, you’ll be greeted by testimonial visuals about how seriously they take performance, customer satisfaction and web security.

I’d regard WPX Hosting as the concierge service that webmasters flee to, saving themselves the bother of having to struggle with a restrictive WordPress hosting company, and I’m one of those!

In the long run, WPX Hosting has offered me the intuitive features I’ve deemed premium with other hosting companies, like website migrations, DDoS protection and fast loading times.

I don’t claim to be a pro in web hosting, and I believe the open-source WordPress is meant to be the simplest way to create a website without any programming knowledge.

That’s what WPX Hosting aims at: user-friendly staging area for testing changes and responsive support team.

Amid the hype about the speed, dependability, and the friendly support team of WPX Hosting, I was a little worried about switching over.

However, I couldn’t stand sending the outdated report ticket to my old hosting provider every time a problem arises. So, I said: “why not migrate my website?” I gave WPX Hosting a shot, and it never disappointed!

On the contrary, I recognized how seamless WordPress management should be, and I held a brief comparison in my head, which resolved to a decisive victory for WPX Hosting.

Multi-site option for the Business planOnly live chat support
Well-disposed support teamA bit pricey (compared to other feature-lacking services)
One-click WordPress installation
Free SSL certificates
Free website migration
Free malware removal and DDoS mitigation
Fast SSD servers

WPX Hosting Review

Not only did WPX Hosting help me build a WordPress website worthy of visiting, but it also enlightened me on some features I shouldn’t compromise from now on.

Below, I listed the high-frequency factors that made me consider migrating to the managed WordPress environment presented by WPX Hosting, which stacks up well against similar hosting companies.

Now, let’s jump into our WPX Hosting review!

WordPress Installation: One-Click Operation

I believe that the process of WordPress installation on a website doesn’t have to be a chore because that’ll contradict the simplicity factor of WordPress management.

I decided that this stage would be the outset of my WPX Hosting review owing to the inconvenience I faced with other hosting services.

That’s where the easy-to-use dashboard of WPX Hosting kicks in.

WPX Hosting Dashboard
WPX Hosting Dashboard

Instead of the traditional cPanel, this dashboard houses all that you need to know about your WPX hosting account, including your plan with an option to upgrade or downgrade, the billing cycle status, and, more importantly, your domain names.

WPX Hosting is famous for its painless WordPress installation. Open the Websites/SSL tab, and you’ll be welcomed by your websites neatly displayed with controls aligned to the right of each one of them.

Websites/SSL Section - WPX Hosting Dashboard
Websites/SSL Section – WPX Hosting Dashboard

Then, you’re one click away from the “Add New Website” button that deploys WordPress on the desired website.

More of a hands-free approach, WPX Hosting automatically fills in your credentials like the admin email and the admin username.

Also, you can choose to generate a password that will be shown later in an interactive pop-up.

Additionally, you’ll receive an email from the WordPress team with the new ID and password.

Loading Times: At the Speed of Thought

Ever wondered why WPX Hosting markets itself as “twice as fast as the rest”? Well, it’s the truth!

WPX Hosting Review Article - Google Page Speed Insights Score (100)
WPX Hosting Review Article – Google Page Speed Insights Score (100)

Most website owners overwhelm their WordPress with themes that require some heavy lifting like OceanWP or Divi.

Although these bloated plugins are sometimes necessary for your website, they may dramatically slow down the already snail-like site speed.

WPX Hosting doesn’t care about how heavy your WordPress themes are.

I conducted some tests using GTmetrix, and the load times were quite promising compared to the WordPress hosting company I used before.

GeorgePapatheodorou.com - GTMetrix Speed Test

I’m happy to say that my website loaded in 1.4″ which was snappier than my former load times that would exceed 5 seconds.

Beforehand, I put my WordPress website on trial in Google Analytics, and I found that the inconvenient loading speed was costing me a huge fortune per year.

Consequently, WPX Hosting knows well that slow load times are synonymous with low profit.

Super Fast CDN: Reachable Anywhere

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network, which depends on the worldwide distribution of servers so that your website can achieve faster loading speeds. When a user visits a website, their internet connectivity hinges upon the nearest CDN server by default.

So, here’s the fact:

WPX Hosting is the first web host to launch a super-fast proprietary CDN system, unlike all managed WordPress hosting services that either rely on Google Cloud C2 or Cloudflare, for instance.

On WPX Cloud’s advent, it was only a matter of time until it switched to ultrafast SSD servers instead of HDDs that proved to be a failure in WordPress hosting.

Another area where SSD servers like those of WPX Cloud shine is their efficiency in bypassing traffic spikes that may result from advertisements on your WordPress website.

Built from scratch by WPX Hosting, the Cloud has 26 endpoints evenly distributed across the globe. What WPX Cloud does is cache visuals (like photos and button animations) and store it in the 26 servers.

On revisiting the website, the servers will quickly recall all the elements it previously caches for improved site speed.

I remember being disappointed with the hefty plans provided by third-party cloud services, and I felt that costs were smothering me from all sides.

However, the good news here is that WPX Cloud is free of charge for all WPX Hosting members.

You can effortlessly activate the WPX Cloud service with a dedicated tab in the dashboard. Typically, it takes an hour for your data to land on all the CDN endpoints.

WPX Cloud

It’s worth noting that no matter how much data you throw at the CDN, it won’t affect your bandwidth limit since WPX Cloud only has to do with how fast your website loads in other countries.

Web Security: WPX Hosting Arms You to the Teeth

When your WordPress website is your sole source of revenue, you need to hold up and think about the loss you may encounter if your web host compromises on security.

Even worse, almost any web host will charge considerable costs for protection “add-ons” like Sucuri.

Neutralized DDoS Attacks

I believe that DDoS mitigation is one of the strengths I should lay emphasis on in our WPX Hosting review since I’ve had my website taken down by relentless cyber-attacks that’s been left uncared for before I moved on to WPX Hosting.

Any newbie can easily execute a DDoS attack, which depends on overwhelming your website with traffic from different sources to sever the connection between the domain and the web host.

Fortunately, WPX Hosting offers world-class DDoS mitigation, originally provided by Imperva Incapsula.

It’s generous of WPX Hosting to present this impeccable DDoS protection completely free of charge for WPX customers, considering that the best value for money plan from Incapsula costs $299 per month.

On-Demand Malware Removal 

Malware is the nightmare of every webmaster, including me.

Not only does malware hurt the overall integrity of your WordPress website, but it’ll impact your reputation and traffic, causing your website to hit a roadblock in terms of revenue.

After all, nobody visits a website to submerge their device in virus infestations, right?

WPX Hosting has it all covered with daily malware scans. I also like how the team at WPX displays a “fixed for your guarantee” interactive pop-up to brag about how they do it for free.

WPX Hosting Malware Removal

Furthermore, WPX Hosting doesn’t suffice with scanning since it boasts a competent malware removal team to support your website against potential hijacking.

Free SSL Certificates

I can’t imagine that commercial SSL certificates still exist after WordPress and Google’s collaboration to launch Let’s Encrypt for free SSL certificate provision.

What SSL Certificates do is encrypt your website by switching to the more secure HTTPS instead of the vulnerable HTTP. Without SSLs, the connection to your website will be interrupted by an “access denied” page.

WPX Hosting doesn’t promote commercial SSL certificates. Alternatively, it utilises the free SSL approach that Let’s Encrypt adopts.

WPX Hosting Free SSL Certificates

To install an SSL certificate, you need to go to the Websites/SSL tab and click on the SSL button next to the domain name.

Afterwards, you’ll be directed to a pop-up prompting you to enable – simple as that!

Site Migration: Boundless Requests

This is the intricate part of our WPX Hosting review. So, bear with me as I convey to you how site migrations take place in WPX Hosting.

Without resorting to third-party services, the staff at WPX Hosting will gladly move your WordPress website from an old host to WPX at no charge.

When I first signed up for WPX, all I had to do was submit a migration report request at the Support section.

The form was straight to the point, asking for the target website and my credentials for WordPress.

At the bottom lies space where I could write optional notes about migration. I found that particularly useful since my WordPress site was infected with malware.

So, I asked them to conduct a malware checkup and remove any malicious activity in the process.

WPX Hosting promises to migrate your website from the former host in 24 hours, and I was pleased with how WPX managed to fully migrate my multi-site installation to the new host.

But, there’s a catch. If you want to migrate a single site out of a multi-site installation, WPX Hosting won’t do it for you since it’s time-consuming and prone to failure.

There’s no limit to the number of migration processes you can raise a support ticket for. So, if you own a ton of blogs, you still can migrate them all without paying a penny.

WPX Backup Manager: Helps You Get Back on Track

The question of what happens if my site goes down for some reason always leaves me stumped.

Things can sometimes go haywire with WordPress since cyber-attacks get more sophisticated so long as web host protection becomes vigorous.

Excluding all the catastrophes, you may just need a fresh WordPress installation.

That’s where the WPX Backup Manager comes in handy to support your cause.

WPX Hosting backs up the files and the database of your site daily.

WPX Hosting keeps the daily backups on dedicated servers for 28 days.

Whether you ruin your site with faulty WordPress themes or a malicious attack causes it to go down, you’ll be ready to go online with the secured backups.

WPX Hosting BackUp Manager

If you choose to back up your site manually, there’s an option for personal backups. However, note that every site you own is only eligible for one personal backup.

What I appreciate about this type of backup is that it can be downloaded and imported later in case of emergency.

Also, WPX Hosting allows you to restore a previous version of your site in no time with the Restore Automatic Backup option.

A calendar will be displayed for you with all the available backups marked in green. This function even helped me when I wanted to rewind to a style I had previously set for my blog.

The WPX Backup Manager is easily accessible through the bottommost “Backups” tab.

Staging Area: Where Experiments Meet Reality

I know that staging areas aren’t something new with hosting providers.

A staging area enables you to test new changes before you shoot it to the audience in a cloned website with a URL in this form: “staging.domain.com” I even use the staging area in WPX Hosting more than the WordPress admin panel.

You can create a staging area for your website by going to the Websites/SSL tab and clicking on the Create Staging button. WPX Hosting will ask you to pick a domain to deploy the staging area.

The exceptional feature of staging areas in WPX Hosting is the ability to merge the staging site with the live version after you’ve tested the plugins or the modifications.

In case you mess the merging operation up, WPX Hosting will prompt you to create a user backup of the live site before merging it with the staging area.

Tireless Support Team: At Your Disposal 24/7

Apart from all the feature-packed controls we’ve discussed so far in our WPX Hosting review, the support team at WPX Hosting is the most revolutionary aspect of this web host.

The time has flown by since I got used to the support team’s dedication, and I still believe that I can’t go back to the time when my satisfaction was neglected while the billing cycles were assertive.

WPX Hosting claims their support is 37 seconds fast. However, they’re lying since it’s far faster than that!

WPX Hosting Support - 37 seconds fast

At the bottom right corner of the WPX page, you’ll find a welcoming live chat tab, where you can enter your first name and email to connect to an available support team agent.

Believe me, they’ll always be available in a second or two!

Since WPX Hosting doesn’t offer phone support, the live chat gave me an initial impression that the support is automated, like most web hosting services. With WPX Hosting, you’re talking to a real human being.

Another proof of how WPX Hosting understands that WordPress is meant to be simple is the support team’s eagerness to guide you through even the most nonsensical processes, like setting up SSL certificates, which typically takes 2 clicks.

When I first contacted the WPX Hosting support, I thought I’d wait for millennia to get a reply.

Expectedly, they replied sooner than I imagined and offered to walk me through some of the dashboard basics.

I was too lazy to configure the domain myself and asked the rep to do it for me. They remotely helped me, and I didn’t even presume to do any clicks to get it done!

Pricing and Plans: Flexible for All Webmasters

After an in-depth overview of the features you’ll stumble upon with WPX Hosting, let’s conclude our WPX Hosting review with how the pricing plans correspond to every webmaster’s needs.

Domain Registration

First off, WPX Hosting offers top-level domains (TLDs) for $10.99 per year. So, if you don’t own one, this web host still gets you covered without the need to hunt for low-cost domains.

Moreover, the web host promises to deliver the purchased domains with free WhoIs privacy add-on, ensuring that your personal information is anonymous to the registrar.

WordPress Website Creation

As for WordPress hosting, WPX Hosting brings three plans to the table that should be tailored to the fair majority of users.

The first one, the Business plan, is eligible for hosting 5 WordPress websites with 10 GB of storage and 100 GB of bandwidth.

In the middle of the pricing spectrum stands the Professional plan with 20 GB of storage and 200 GB of bandwidth for 15 websites.

Lastly, with the high-end Elite plan from WPX Hosting, you can create up to 35 websites with 40 GB worth of storage and unlimited bandwidth.

These 3 hosting plans are available either for yearly or monthly renewal, considering that you’ll save a lot in the long run.

WPX Hosting Monthly Pricing

Putting that into perspective, WPX Hosting charges $24.99 for the monthly Business plan or $20.83 yearly.

I find the Business plan great for beginners. However, I think it carries a hefty price tag compared to other hosting companies since it supports multi-site installation up to 5 sites per account.

There are scenarios where users only need to run one website. So, why pay for five? Still, it stands better than competitors who advertise multi-site installations as low-cost plans!

Yes, the pricing is definitely above average. I don’t want to say it in a condescending manner, but WPX Hosting is the service where you get more than you pay!

If you took a glimpse of what other hosting services offer, you’d deem your fees worth renewal at the end of every billing cycle.

Moreover, WPX Hosting ensures no added fees on long-term plan renewals.

My bottom line on pricing: the above-average cost saves you lots of trouble. With the price you pay, WPX Hosting does a plethora of operations behind the curtains for you.

Just contemplate how WPX Hosting offers its plans without a “privilege gap” among them.

No matter the plan you choose, you’ll enjoy the SSD-based WPX Cloud, free malware checkup and removal, free daily backups and SSL certificates, DDoS mitigation, and to top it all off, a responsive, friendly support team.

WPX Hosting – Final Words

If I could wrap our WPX Hosting review up in a few words, I’d just say that WPX Hosting adopts the core purpose of WordPress: intuitiveness and easy-to-use.

It takes care of even the silliest stuff so that you can focus on further refining your business model without having to deal with a multitude of advanced controls.

WPX Hosting even ditches the old cPanel and replaces it with a simplified dashboard and a rich FAQ base to quench every webmaster’s thirst for both control and knowledge.

The review merely scratched the surface since the support team continuously expands the knowledge base with info that users may find vague through the ticketing system.

If WPX Hosting ticks all the boxes for you, check it out here.

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