What Do You Need for a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign in 2020 & Beyond? [Infographic]

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing has always been a dynamic field.

No matter how good a marketer may be, there’s always a chance that her campaign won’t generate desired results.

From 2019 onwards, digital marketing trends will continue to advance and change at a rapid rate as more digital technologies and consumers emerge.

That said, I’ve narrowed down what I believe are the key takeaways of any successful digital marketing campaign in 2020 and beyond.

Relatable Content

Content will always be king, but marketers should keep in mind that quality is now more important than ever.

Consumers are looking for more than just flowery words and high-end media content.

What they want is content that they can’t relate to and understand

This has always been an underrated part of marketing, but now things have changed.

To create relevant content, marketers need to do extensive research on their consumers. This means going beyond understanding what they are searching for and focusing more on what they spend most of their time on.

This also entails narrowing down the scope of content so that it can target and reach out to the right people instead of the general population.

People value engagement and relationships now more than anything else as they have become wiser consumers.

They prefer products that they actually need, but they also want to learn more about the products they’re interested in. That’s where high-quality, relevant content steps in.

Personalised Approach

Customers value brands and companies that approach them personally. The best way to accomplish this is by utilising the good old email marketing.

Companies should design emails that don’t start with “Dear Madam/Sir.” Instead, the opening lines should contain personal names, that is, the name of the recipient.

You should understand that this is not considered an attack on their privacy. Customers will value this approach because you’re not sending them a generic message.

Short Videos

Videos were also considered as a nuisance until recently. Today, video content is present on all social media platforms.

For instance, Facebook videos are growing in popularity and number of viewers. Marketers should take advantage of this fact and use videos to promote their websites, services, or products.

If you wish to use videos for ads, understand that video ads on platforms like Facebook and YouTube typically last 15 seconds.

That’s exactly how much time marketers have to squeeze in the necessary details such as the product they are promoting, their brand, and the message they wish to convey.

Influencers Over Celebrities

Using celebrities for marketing campaigns is becoming an outdated technique. Not only are they expensive, but celebrities are also harder to reach.

As such, the best digital marketing campaigns are not headed any more by the TV stars but by social media influencers who have a devoted following.

Social media influencers typically have one niche they cater to. This means reaching out to them will allow marketers to easily engage with an audience that already understands their products.

For instance, marketing campaigns for organic creams can be spearheaded by influencers who focus on reviewing such products.

Aside from giving marketers access to the perfect audience, social media influencers are cheaper than celebrities, and the general audience trusts their reviews more.

In essence, they are a cost-efficient way to generate new customers.

Bottom Line

These are just some of the top digital marketing trends in 2020 and beyond.

No one knows for sure what the standards will be for the following years, but what we do know is that any digital marketing campaign should follow the above-discussed trends.

The following infographic also has a bunch of marketing statistics that could act as direct practical tips to hone your marketing campaigns, including deciding on the ideal length for your blog posts and emails or making your SEO more effective.

Digital Marketing Trends

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