BrightonSEO Slides, April 2019

BrightonSEO Slides


Snippets and Schema

Driving *meaningful* clicks with enriched SERPs

In the days of Google hugely growing on-SERP prominence and an increase in no-click searches, it’s more important than ever to focus on building richer search experiences that not only drive more clicks but more meaningful visits that uplift your user engagements and train the RankBrain AI in your favour.

Izzi’s brand new BrightonSEO talk teaches you how to identify CTR and engagement problems, and gives you super actionable advice on effective and scalable Search Appearance optimization.

Speaker: Izzi Smith

Featured Snippets – the achievable SERP feature?

SERP features are increasingly overtaking the search landscape, stealing traffic from content providers.

The featured snippet, however, is one that we still have a level of control over.

This talk will reveal data on the impact of featured snippets on CTRs to give evidence for why we should care about them, and give tips on how to win them.

Speaker: Emily Potter

A Structured Data Case Study: How to Make Your Websites Stand Out in Search

Google Rich Results are so visually appealing that they can attract users’ attention in search results. Many sites have achieved success with the feature.

In this session, attendees will learn how to take advantage of structured data to produce various Rich Results.

Speaker: Kenichi Suzuki

Download the presentation here.

Site Speed

Speed & Performance Optimisation: How to Meet Users’ High Expectations

In this talk, Rachel will discuss how to make your website faster by focusing on the performance metrics that will impact users the most, something that should be a primary concern for any digital marketer.

She will also share the latest research into what the landscape of speed looks like, and where even the most well-known websites are falling short.

She will also share advice on how speed and performance metrics can be monitored at scale across the websites you manage, so you can be the first to know about any issues and act quickly to get ahead your competitors.

Speaker: Rachel Costello

How to get a 100% Lighthouse performance score

In this talk, Polly will walk you through what is needed to get a 100% Lighthouse performance score for your website.

She’ll share tips on the types of optimisation that will earn the most points and help you to focus your efforts in the right areas, in addition to real examples and more.

Speaker: Polly Pospelova

How to Trim JS, CSS and External Stuff to Slim Down and Speed up your Site

What makes a web page fat. Where gains can be made in speed, the more you take away. What a slim website looks like.

Slides not yet available.

Speaker: Chris Simmance

Local SEO

Small Biz Small Budget – 10 Do’s and 5 Don’ts for Local SEO Success

Local SEO – so hot right now. The concept of ‘local search’ is more important (and talked about) than ever – mobile first, entity first and voice search are changing how people search and what results they’re served.

In this talk, Claire covers the changing search landscape and details 10 key tactics for local SEO success, and 5 that you really shouldn’t be using. Ever.

Speaker: Claire Carlile

Can You Rank in Local Without a Website?

Darren will attempt to get a brand new business ranking well in local search in just a few short months, with no website.

He started in December 2018 and will reveal the results of this case study at BrightonSEO in April.

This might be a total flop or a huge success. Either way, it will be entertaining and you’ll learn the step by step tactics to take a business from zero to ranking in local.

Speaker: Darren Shaw

Harry and Lloyd’s Idiot Proof Guide to GMB Optimization

This talk will be an ultimate optimization guide for GMB, covering every element and how to optimize it fully.

Greg will be sharing specific tips on the new Questions & Answers feature, as well as walk-through tips for using Google Posts correctly.

Speaker: Greg Gifford


Link Building

How to Make Fake News For Links

Tired of infographics? Got a bunch of clients nobody’s ever heard of? Got no budget, but need top-level links?

Why not orchestrate your own hilarious viral news stories for great exposure. All you need is photoshop and a good idea.

Speaker: Oliver Brett

10 tips to scale link building for your clients!

How you can save money. How to scale a team of negotiators. How you can deliver better links for your clients

Speaker: Sam Morton

Gamification: Link building in a Fortnite

This talk covers how you can integrate gamification into your SEO strategy, earning high-quality links at a rapid pace.

The talk will cover the do’s and don’ts and a clear case study showing the success possible.

We’ll also look at the other benefits of data, consumer insight and the brand ambassadorship that can lead to sales.

Speaker: Becky Simms


Tech SEO

Living on the Edge: Elevating your SEO toolkit to the CDN

This talk will take a deep dive in the emerging topic of Edge SEO. It will explain how you can leverage your CDN to run SEO experiments.

Above all, you won’t need input from a development team to execute this strategy.

Speaker: Nils De Moor

How To Use Chrome Puppeteer to Fake Googlebot & Monitor Your Site

This talk will cover Chrome Puppeteer, and how to implement it to emulate Googlebot, and see what Google sees.

The talk will also cover how to use Puppeteer to create your own website monitoring tool, enabling you to have more time for the important stuff!

Speaker: Tom Pool

CLI Automation – Using the Command Line to Automate Repetitive Tasks

When performing technical SEO audits, a lot of time is wasted in repetitive tasks such as gathering and formatting data for analysis.

This talk will give practical examples of using command line scripts to automate the gathering and formatting of data so more time can be spent on analysis and providing insights.

Speaker: Mike Osolinski



8 Ways to Increase your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

In this talk, Faye will share 8 actionable steps you can take to improve your e-commerce conversion rate. This talk explores the different steps in the customer journey, from the homepage to the checkout process, and highlights how you can improve the path to conversion and drive more sales on your e-commerce store.

Speaker: Faye Watt

Social Proof and Leveraging the Power of Consumers

This theoretical talk will be based on the subject of Social Proof. We will touch upon the work of Muzafer Sherif and Solomon Asch, as well as other sources. The talk will go on to explain how businesses and agencies can leverage the power of consumers by using a platform, such as Psydro.

Speaker: Justin Clarke

Black Friday SEO: where and when to start, quick wins and top tips

Consumer expectations and purchasing behaviour in regards to Christmas shopping have varied every year for the past 5 years. Based on analysis of search results and trends in consumer eCommerce websites’ performance across the last several years, this talk will leave you with actionable pointers on how to hedge your bets and maximise your eCommerce revenue over the all-important Black Friday shopping period.

Speaker: Alexandra Coutts


Content Production

Big-budget video advertising on a small business budget

How can smaller companies take advantage of the improvements in paid video distribution to create and optimize a video advertising campaign which delivers immediate ROI?

Using real-world examples from Wistia and other small businesses Phil will show how in 2019, fortune favours the bold and scrappy, rather than the behemoths who build brands with TV.

Speaker: Phil Nottingham

LMFAO: Leveraging Machines for Awesome Outreach

Use machine learning for data-heavy lifting in order to increase efficiency at multiple stages of the outreach lifecycle.

Gareth will share how his agency is scaling their outreach activities, allowing them to have more conversations with the right people, and ultimately win more links.

All of this is already possible with readily-available technologies: most of these tactics aren’t as far-fetched as you might think…

Slides not yet available.

Speaker: Gareth Simpson

The Art of Content Necromancy: How to Resurrect a Dead Campaign

So you’ve successfully pitched in a content marketing campaign to your client, you’ve spent time and resource on developing tasty content assets, and now it’s time for outreach.

But when you pitch your content, you’re not getting links. In this talk, Kat shares her experience of being in a scenario just like this, what went wrong, and the tactics she used to resurrect a content marketing campaign from the dead.

Speaker: Kat Kynes



Google Smart bidding: How to train your algorithm

Selecting a water tight account structure while using Google’s automation tools where appropriate. Establishing the basics of a good structure whilst dealing a shifting paradigm with mobile-voice search etc.

Speaker: Kian Njie

Land Grab: How to win business from your competitors with Google PPC

In a typical online desktop purchase journey, an average 85% of the ‘above the fold’ Google SERP is paid advertising. That leaves just one organic search – often none – much worse on mobile.

As paid advertising takes more and more ground, Tanesha’s talk explains how to navigate the growing virtual land grab and delivers tangible takeaways to protect your valuable customers from your competitors – and reveals how to conquest like a Jedi.

Speaker: Tanesha Stafford

The importance of tagging when it comes to reporting and optimising in paid search

Looking at the importance of tagging your campaigns and/or pages, be that paid search, shopping or even SEO when looking at business reporting or optimising.

Focusing on the insights this can give you, how you can then action this and the time it can save you.

Slides not yet available.

Speaker: Charlotte Self

Russia & China

Embrace WeChat Marketing

This talk explains what WeChat is, and why it is important to include this option in your marketing plan. The latest trends and data about WeChat usage in China will be examined, and you will come away with some actionable tips, such as how to open and manage a WeChat account as a foreign business.

Speaker: Christina Xu

Harnessing the Russian digital opportunity

As the biggest internet market in Europe and with an ever-growing online population, Russia offers vast opportunities for international businesses looking to grow sales and reach new audiences.

Yet only those who understand the unique digital landscape and the expectations of a Russian audience will succeed.

This session will offer an introduction to the market and the insights you need in order to build a successful online presence there.

Speaker: Anna Milburn


Cross Channel

Maximising Your Media Through SEO – How To Drive More From Your ATL Campaigns

For many, above the line advertising is a key part of the marketing mix. However, as users are increasingly looking to search to find their answers, the overlap between the two is becoming more important for brands to consider.

This talk will discuss how to further capitalise on media-driven customer demand, through careful planning and collaboration between buying teams and search marketers and with a view to helping make the most of your marketing spend.

Speaker: Ric Rodriguez

Corvidae: Identifying new customer acquisition opportunities

QueryClick will showcase unique features and examples of their machine learning attribution software, which allows easy merging of marketing data silos to identify new customer acquisition opportunities at the lowest possible CPAs.

Click here to gain access to their resource hub for BrightonSEO.

Speaker: Ross Paton

How to drive content marketing success

Speaker: Edward Trippier & Irma Hunkeler



Improve your Rankings with Internal Link Building, and no headaches

Internal link building is the most powerful SEO tactic you are probably not using.

Learn how you can boost your rankings with simple changes to your own website, no outreach, no link buying and no hassles. Learn what to do and what NOT do.

After this session, you maybe want to run to your hotel room or log into your WordPress from mobile to start building these internal links.

Click here for the link to the slides.

Speaker: Christoph C. Cemper

Why I adore Sitemaps, an ex-Google engineer’s love story

Sitemaps are an important part of technical SEO. Join ex-Google engineer Fili Wiese to learn everything you need to know about Sitemaps; from best practices, strategy, measuring success, to avoiding common pitfalls and more.

You will walk away from this session with unique insights and practical technical hands-on tips, ideas, strategy-considerations, options and tactics on how to take maximum advantage of Sitemaps for your website.

Having programmed websites and Google internal tools, Fili Wiese is the go-to guy when it comes to technical SEO.

Slides not yet available.

Speaker: Fili Wiese

Building an SEO Exponential Growth model by Closing Your Content Gaps

From all the various ways to increase organic traffic, it’s hard to beat a model that scales-up and can be applied to both existing and future website content.

This session will present you an SEO framework that can scale up your rankings on an ongoing basis. It shows a unique and powerful methodology on how to identify and secure high rankings by closing your content gaps.

Discover how to level up your SEO skills and stay ahead of the competition!

Speaker: Razvan Gavrilas



Why UX is SEO’s best friend

As the user experience of your website provides more and more ranking signals it’s now vitally important that your site works for your users, as well as for Google.

This talk will cover the key areas where improving your UX will positively impact your SEO. Expect a case study or two, some practical tips and a large dose of cynicism.

Speaker: Luke Hay & Michelle Wilding-Baker

Search Presence Intelligence – Where Search Meets Business Intelligence

5.5 billion times a day people turn to search to solve their problems and look for answers. This means the search box is a true window into your customers’ minds. Learn what insights hidden in plain sight on search engine results pages should inform decisions across your business beyond your rankings.

Slides not yet available.

Speaker: Stephan Bajaio

Uncovering SERPs: What happens in search right now and how to benefit from it

Changes in Google SERPs are increasingly common. SEMrush runs a number of studies to analyse the spikes during Google updates, uncover what happens in Featured Snippets and did an absolutely unique study about People Also Ask section.

Slides not yet available.

Speaker: Olga Andrienko


Your New Google Analytics BFF

If you’re an advanced Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager user, you might be familiar with the Measurement Protocol and how it works. But are you using it to it’s fullest potential?

Introducing customTask, one of the most powerful ways to customize and control your Google Analytics implementation. In this talk, you’ll learn the basics of how customTask works, along with implementation ideas and tips to get you started.

Slides not yet available.

Speaker: Dana DiTomaso

Using Google Tag Manager to send Scroll Depth and YouTube view measurements to Analytics

You’ll leave this “how to” session with the knowledge of using Google Tag Manager to send actionable content engagement metrics to Google Analytics.

This will give you an understanding of what YOUR users are consuming on YOUR website to inform a solid content production strategy that will cater to your audience, rather than a team who thinks “this looks/reads good!”.

This presentation will cover a step-by-step guide to implementing this, for people of varying knowledge of Tag Manager, and the benefits of doing so.

Speaker: Azeem Ahmad

Changing the game with Supermetrics

Supermetrics – What is it? How can it improve the process? How can it make what you do MORE awesome? That kind of thang, y’know?

Brought to you by the guy that introduced Supermetrics to a little digital agency in Folkestone and changed the way they do things forever.

Click here to download the slides from Brighton SEO.

Speaker: Sam Caesar

Crawl Management

Simple ways to visualise your crawl data with no coding knowledge required

Crawl visualisation has evolved dramatically within the last few years, with several new tools launching that enable you to visualise crawl data without knowing how to code Python or R.

This talk will let you discover the different tools available for crawl visualisation and how you can employ a visual approach to bring your clients a better understanding of the structure of their websites.

Speaker: Anders Riise Koch

Restructuring Websites to Improve Indexability

This talk will share the detailed methodology used to restructure a job aggregator site, which, like many large websites, had huge problems with indexability, and the rules used to direct robot crawl, taking the site from over 2.5 million URLs to just 20,000.

It will cover crawling and indexing issues and dive into the case study aided by flow charts to explain the full approach used to restructure the site and how to implement it.

Speaker: Areej AbuAli

Crawl Budget is dead, please welcome Rendering Budget

Javascript is redefining SEO down to its roots. If Crawl Budget was one of yesterday’s most important optimizations, Rendering Budget is tomorrow’s. Robin Eisenberg, VP of Engineering @ Botify, will show you how to own your JavaScript SEO analysis.

Mapping on familiar SEO methodologies and adjusting for tomorrow’s SEO KPIs and methods, you will discover the tools and frameworks needed to understand what Google sees (or doesn’t see) in your JavaScript websites.

A talk to prepare you to own tomorrow’s SEO.

Speaker: Robin Eisenberg


Beyond Google

Why we all should stop ignoring Bing

It’s about time Google had some real competition – and curiously, we can make it happen. Bing is alive and well, there are factors making it worth our attention both as a search engine alternative and a marketing destination. It is in no way inferior as of today and can provide us with valuable insights – so it’s time to make a reintroduction.

Speaker: Julia Logan

Voice Visibility: Tracking voice results on Alexa & Google

In this talk, Steff will cover:
• Voice Search: the lay of the land – there’s only 9 months until 2020 when 50% of searches will apparently be by voice ?
• How you can start to understand the voice landscape for your brand, using vertical ranking reports as an example
• The roles of actions and skills
• Calculating your voice search visibility
• Framework for reporting and tracking on voice

Speaker: Steff Preyer

No search volume? No problem!

Slides not yet available.

Speaker: Dom Hodgson

Paid Search

Using data science to work smarter, not harder in PPC

Duncan will explain how algorithms and automation systems can take the stress out of PPC campaign management, helping you work smarter, not harder. This talk will cover smarter goal-setting, faster analysis techniques, and instant opportunity-prioritisation for PPC campaigns.

Slides not yet available.

Speaker: Duncan Sills

Become a Local Hero: PPC Tips to Boss Your Neighbourhood

Did you know that 82% of smartphone users use a search engine when looking for a local business?

This “how to” session will cover everything you need to know about local PPC.
Learn how to stay ahead of the competition and capitalise on search queries with local intent.

Key takeaways will include:
• New local search ad formats
• The best campaign structures for local search
• Innovative geo-targeting tactics
• Tracking store visit and sales
• Effective local bidding strategies

Speaker: Oliver Ewbank

Search is Stagnating: It’s time to explore more biddable diversity

Your PPC performance is getting worse. Volumes are dropping and costs are increasing. It’s time to look at the other biddable media opportunities available to you and how you can make them as effective as possible.

In this session, we’ll touch on Facebook, YouTube and Display; their strengths and weaknesses, and the best tactics to use for them.

Slides not yet available.

Speaker: Matt Whelan


How to use programmatic to drive search results internationally

Using practical examples from real campaigns, this talk will look at the benefits of programmatic advertising and how these targeted campaigns can provide tangible improvements to search performance across multiple markets.

Speaker: Gemma Houghton

The Most Popular Influencer is Almost Never the One You Really Need

It’s very easy to do influencer marketing wrong. If your influencer has one million followers, but only one hundred fit your target audience, you’ve wasted money on at least 999,900 people.

This session will look at how to research the influencers that can get you valuable visibility, not just visibility: where to find them, how to find them and then once you’ve found them, how to work with them, because paying them to write a blog or do a review for only fifteen seconds of fame is not good enough.

Speaker: Daiana Damacus



How to Marie Kondo your SEO

Whether taking on a new account or are just spring cleaning; this talk will teach you how to strip back your SEO for a productive year.

Speaker: Rebekah Dunne

5 Time-Saving SEO Alerts to Use Right Now

Have you ever spent time and effort on optimizing a website only to see all that hard work blown away in a blink of an eye? In this session, Marco explains how he has explored the world of SEO custom alerts to make sure that key elements such as performance, robots.txt, traffic and rankings are closely monitored and shows you how to track issues and fix them straight away.

Speaker: Marco Bonomo

100 million keywords. Now what?!

With an abundance of keyword research tools, how do you plan an SEO strategy that focuses on what matters?

Slides not yet available.

Speaker: Alen-Jelco Todorov

Competitor Research

Competitor Analysis: A Scientific Method

In this session, Paola will show her scientific method to prioritise tasks and save time, give better insights and keep things organised. She will show how this ultimately provides a strong base to face competitor analysis, for both those who are new to the field and those who have tried and had difficulties breaking it down.

Speaker: Paola Didone

Killer Competitor Content Research and Strategy

This talk will teach you how to research competitor content that performs well for specific search intentions. Discover how to analyse competitor content to inform your content strategy, planning, and writing. Understand how to apply your learnings to outshine competitor content and gain traction in organic search.

Speaker: Lana Burgess

How you should build your new etail content strategy based on SERP and competitive analysis

Etail is sometimes highly competitive. Your site deserves more than product pages. Let’s see how you can grow your income writing the right content, based on Google’s and competitors data.

Speaker: Alexandre Sigoigne


Content Marketing

Podcasting for subscribers, mentions and really big links

Podcasting has been around for well over a decade but is now seeing a surge in popularity, especially among younger audiences. According to the BBC, half of UK podcast listeners are now under 35.

The rapid growth of this type of long-form content presents a powerful marketing opportunity for businesses that can get to grips with podcasting, fast.

In this talk, Corinne will detail recurrent features of the world’s most popular podcasts and reveal five key elements YOU can employ to make podcasts that win subscribers, mentions and really big links.

Speaker: Corinne Card

Standing out online with a unique and compelling brand voice

SEO savvy is great, but we’ve also got to know how to create content that human beings will actually be keen to read and respond to once Google shows them it exists. And it’s not about writing generically ‘good’ copy – it’s about using language to showcase your organisation’s unique personality and connect emotionally with potential customers.

So get ready to learn what the heck a brand voice is (and isn’t), why it’s important, and how your business can go about getting one so that more people are inspired by your content and compelled to say yes to what you’re offering.

Links to slides here.

Speaker: Bethany Joy

The Content Comeback: 5 Steps for Bouncing Back When Your Campaign Fails

It doesn’t matter who you are; a content marketer, digital PR or link builder, you’ve felt the pressure when a campaign you loved and were passionate about fails to build links and falls on its knees at the first hurdle. Bringing back bad memories, right?

Shannon’s talk will give you 5 steps for breathing life back into a struggling content campaign covering everything from re-evaluating media angles and news hooks, to updating content designs and data sets before a relaunch.

Speaker: Shannon McGuirk



Leveraging E-A-T for SEO Success

In the past year, EAT has taken the SEO world by storm. After Google’s August 1st update and the many aftershocks that came after it, many SEOs who saw huge performance declines have scrambled to learn what Google means by EAT and YMYL, and how to apply those learnings to their own marketing strategies. This session will offer practical tips you can use to implement EAT tactics to your own SEO campaigns, regardless of vertical. See what the data says about which tactics related to EAT are driving SEO performance in a post-August-1st world.

Learn about the extent to which EAT components appear to be tied into Google’s current algorithm, and which elements are still only aspirational ideas we should consider for future SEO success. See what Google has said about EAT outside of what’s included in the Search Quality Guidelines, and Google’s own suggestions for success with maintaining and improving credibility and trust. Gain a philosophical understanding of why EAT is so important not only for Google but also for your own visitors, and prepare your sites to be able to evolve along with Google, as its definition for what “quality” means also evolves over time.

The session will offer practical tips webmasters and SEOs can use to reduce low-quality elements on their sites and increase the perceived expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness of their content.

Link to the slides here.

Speaker: Lily Ray

6 Things Your Boss Expects You Should Know About SEO

Easy to implement and performance-improving tactics designed by Lukasz that can be implemented on almost every website.

He will talk about what Snapshot method is, how GAP analysis works and more. He will also cover WordPress and plugins that may boost your website performance as well as how to reach the top of Google aka Feature Snippet.

Slides can be found here.

Speaker: Lukasz Zelezny

How to Repurpose Existing Content to Help your Strategy

Focussing on areas of the site we forget to look when it comes to putting together a strategy, and how we can use this and existing content to see quick results.

Speaker: Coral Luck


Client Success

Search vs. Bureaucracy: How to Stand Up an Organic Search Program for Your Client

Lack of buy-in. Failure to prioritize. Limited budget and resources. Low understanding of search. Corporate silos. All these and more are obstacles standing in the way of getting your best search work implemented – and much of it can be prevented.

Based on extensive research into common blockers that search professionals encounter with clients, this talk will teach you how to immerse yourself into a new client relationship, assess the client’s organizational maturity, and uncover those stumbling blocks before you hit them.

Heather Physioc will share tools and techniques to prevent and overcome those obstacles so you can get real search work done.

Link to the slides here.

Speaker: Heather Physioc

Efficiency in the workplace: Mindset mastery and meditation

We spend so much time and energy looking to understand our clients, our target audience, our competitors… but turning that attention around and focusing in on ourselves, to get a better understanding of who we are, is one of the most productive things you can do.

In this talk, Briony will share advice on starting out with meditation, going into the science and history of meditation, and offering tips that can allow us, marketers, to go from surviving to thriving in this modern world.

Speaker: Briony Gunson

Retaining Struggling Clients: How To Rebuild Trust

Everyone makes mistakes, but it doesn’t need to cost you a client. Honesty works. We’ll go through some client cock-ups and how they were resolved – all actually happened.

Speaker: Laura Hogan



The impact of translation on SEO and how they can work together

SEO and translation are often seen as two separate processes, yet failing to consider the whole picture when translating website content can seriously impact SEO performance.

This session will look at issues including keywords, duplicate content and language variations and discuss how the processes of translation and SEO can work together to achieve results and reduce costs.

Speaker: Valentine Lacour

Why hreflang is crucial to international SEO success

Hreflang is a common challenge in international SEO, but for a good reason. It can make the difference between success or failure in reaching your target audience around the world.

This session will be a case study on how the use of hreflang ensured the correct country/language pages were indexed in local search results for one brand, and the impact it had on SEO performance.

Speaker: Mauro Cattaneo



Why Google isn’t giving update advice anymore

Why I believe machine learning plays a larger role in search than we think. A quick overview of how machine learning works and why it precludes advice. How this will impact SEM and what you can do to prepare

Slides not available yet.

Speaker: John Warner

Perfect Outcomes: Create amazing websites 10x Faster with Rapid Prototyping

Why is it the process of creating or revamping websites takes so long? With modern tools like Adobe XD and Sketch, this process can be done 10x faster.

Justin will demonstrate and share how you can super speed this process while creating immersive, visually accurate and fully functioning website prototypes.

Speaker: Justin Taylor

The Seedy Underbelly of Keyword Research and Search Intent

This talk looks at places which are “out of the box” where you can get inspiration for keyword research ideas rather than the usual keyword planner and tool sets. As well show how this can be worked into a more meaningful search intent keyword strategy, that fits more in line with up to date search intent stages.

Alongside this using specific lesser known free natural language and sentiment programs to feed into this strategy.

Speaker: Mark Osborne


Future of Search

Huge SEO success stories and what we can learn from them

We as SEOs know how important a good optimized website and the right content for short and long-term success in Search is. But nonetheless, not many companies bake SEO into their development, product management and other related departments where SEO should be a priority. There are many decision makers that ignore SEO for various reasons.

In this session, Marcus wants to leverage Searchmetrics’ huge amount of historical data and present success stories in SEO. Companies that baked SEO into their DNA and that perform well in Search as well as in their business, like Tripadvisor, Cargurus, Nerdwallet, Moneysavingexpert or DotDash.

Marcus will show how they likely did it and how that resulted in tremendous success. Many of the tactics are not part of the typical SEO repertoire, hopefully, SEOs will see SEO with different eyes after the session. Adopted to each niche and success story, Marcus will also include the Ranking Factors in his talk.

Link to the presentation slides here.

Speaker: Marcus Tober

How to Drive Big Site SEO Impact in Google’s New, Linkless Algorithm

Google removed its reliance on direct links to establish page value and domain authority in 2018. This talk focuses on how data can still be used to reach a scientific and objective measure of SEO Impact to allow the development of high impact SEO strategy.

Walkthrough examples and impact metrics illustrate a roll your own approach you can use to drive your own SEO performance.

Click here to gain access to the slides.

Speaker: Chris Liversidge

Forget Alexa, The Voice Search Devices Of The Future

Everyone is interested in voice search these days, but is it really a thing yet and how will it grow as voice permeates into other non-traditional devices?

This session will cover how the hype around voice search has grown with the adoption of home assistants, even without fundamental reporting capabilities, and how people are thinking very myopically about the practice altogether.

The future of voice search isn’t in-home assistants, it’s in a collection of devices yet to be brought to market, and with those devices will come a whole new demographic that brands and marketers need to figure out and cater to.

Speaker: Patrick Reinhart


Onsite SEO

Sexy AF SEO Revenue Growth with Your Discontinued Products

We’ll walk through super-relevant (and surprising) examples showcasing what NOT to do with your discontinued products.

I’ll also share with you a real-world example that achieved 20% SEO revenue growth in ~60 days and I’ll provide you with actionable items you can take away and DIY. (Some virtually immediately!)

Slides not yet available.

Speaker: Luke Carthy

The State of Pagination and Infinite Scroll on the Web

A deep dive into the current implementations of pagination and infinite scroll across the web, and how sites can achieve technical excellence when creating a paginated series on mobile and desktop websites.

Speaker: Adam Gent

Predicting the Impact of Technical SEO changes

Discover the benefits of integrating your business metrics with SEO metrics and predict the impact of your SEO. A step-by-step guide to holding technical SEO accountable for growth.

Francois will present the method to predict SEO ROI with confidence and how to get more budget from your boss or client by showing them predictable results.

Speaker: François Goube


Online PR

How to protect your online reputation: Lessons from the FTSE 100

Branded search is the most powerful, yet most overlooked element of SEO; even the UK biggest businesses, the FTSE 100 suffer, with 54% of people searching directly for them seeing negative content.

So how can a brand thrive in this environment?

Through the lens of our FTSE 100 study, we’ll outline the impact of negative search results on the bottom line, what influences these search results and the integrated communications strategy required for success.

Speaker: Alex Judd

The killer outreach email that gets opened, replied to and mainly gains links

Emails are one of the ways (sometimes the only one) to get in touch with the press when pitching our content. But how do we make them open our email, see our content and use it in their articles? Hana will talk subject lines, best practice when it comes to outreach emails, and top tips on sell in.

Speaker: Hana Bednarova

How to pitch an idea your client/boss can’t say no to

Picture this – you’ve come up with what you’re certain is going to be the best idea since sliced bread, you’re really excited because you know it’ll work, you go in to pitch it to your client or boss and just like that they shoot you down and give you a no. We’ve all been there, right?

In this session, Chris will share some of the tips and tricks he’s learnt over the years that make you more likely to get the green light for your campaign ideas.

Speaker: Chris Lee



The Circle of Trust: SEO Data

There’s no shortage of SEO data available from all manner of sources, but which ones actually lead to actions that will increase organic traffic? Matthew will share case studies, data, and hare-brained conclusions to inspire testing our SEO assumptions.

Slides not yet available.

Speaker: Matthew Brown

Turning Your Data Into Compelling Stories

The presentation focuses on how the use of data visualization will help you tell a comprehensible story to your client and help them act upon that information. We’ll discuss determining the best data points to tell a specific story, and hone in on how to select the best graphical representation for the corresponding data. We’ll also cover the challenges and pitfalls of data charts, including visually misleading graphics, color usage, organization and more.

Slides not yet available.

Speaker: Jeroen Maljers

Why data science analysis is better than YOUR analysis

Techniques and approaches on how to analyse data to understand past and future performance, including:

– How to perform historic data exploration like a data scientist
– What we can learn from the past: Time Series Analysis
– How to predict the future: Machine learning techniques

Speaker: George Karapalidis


SEO Automation

Screaming Frog + Xpath: A Guide to Analyse the Pants Off Your Competition

Get a short but sharp guide on how to use Xpath commands in Screaming Frog. After this talk you’ll be able to address site elements with Xpath, allowing you to analyse your competition (or your own website/s) on a granular level and gather your crawled data in handy files.

Speaker: Sabine Langmann

Automate your SEO tasks with custom extraction

In this talk, we’ll introduce the concepts of XPATHs and REGEX and how they can be used for custom data extraction and site crawling. We’ll run through examples of how this skill can help search professionals in tasks, across the 3 traditional pillars of SEO. In the end, attendees will come away with enough of an introduction to using these skills in combination with their own imagination to help them with their day to day tasks.

Click here for the presentation slides.

Speaker: Max Coupland

Bringing the fun back to SEO with Python

– Python is for everyone and you don’t need to be a developer to use it!
– Learn how to spot patterns in data and how to translate them into Python scripts
– Break down large data sets with Python within seconds

Speaker: Benjamin Goerler



How to tell if there’s a demand to launch your business overseas

Businesses want to grow, and international is a clear opportunity for many. Or is it? Is there is a demand for your business outside your home market, and how can you find out? Oban provides a series of things to consider -and things to avoid – when launching into new markets.

Slides not yet available.

Speaker: James Brown

How to measure the value of generic keyword success

How do we prove the worth of our SEO endeavours? How do you separate brand successes from generic ones? What’s the best way to estimate what a keyword can do for you?

Slides not yet available.

Speaker: John Sadeghipoor and Timothy Hawes

Using data to keep your customers happy

In this talk, you will learn how to use data to better understand your customers – what they like and what they don’t. Use the data to improve the customer sentiment towards your brand, your business processes and increase revenue.

Speaker: Eli Zheleva


BONUS >> John Mueller – Keynote Q&A Session @ BrightonSEO 2019

John is a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google in Switzerland. He connects the world that’s creating websites, with the Google-internal world of search engineering, helping both sides to be successful through search.

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